Monday, August 30, 2010

Avoid These 5 Used Cars (Plus 5 to Buy)

Small Used SUV Alternative: Honda CR-V
A lot less noticeable than a Wrangler, the Honda CR-V is a lot less trouble, too. It won the J.D. Power dependability award in this category and is rated by Consumer Reports as a well-above-average used car prospect. As a used-car buyer, you are on the wrong side of Honda models' strong ability to hold their value. But at a dealer price of $20,980, the four-wheel-drive version of the CR-V is still a decent value.

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Safety First

Safety First!!!! hahaha!!!!
saje jer tayang gambar ni untuk ditunjukkan kepada rambler berkenaan dengan hobi terbaru.... Sebenarnya, ni gambar semasa testing helmet untuk berbasikal mountain bike. Baru2 ini seramai 6 orang geng sudah membeli jentera masing-masing. So ni, saja nak cari aksesori-aksesori yang berkaitan.

Disebabkan ketika nak try helmet ni tidak ada basikal, jadi guna jer lah basikal kecik yang warna biru tu. Mebi post yang akan-akan datang baru I nak tunjuk jentera.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

9 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew

Parents, do you wonder what it takes to help your kids do their very best at school? Good Housekeeping went into classrooms at schools around the country and talked to the teachers who spend their days with your children. Here's what they said about how you can help them help your kids:

1. Don't be a stranger!
Talk to your child's teacher early and often. Back-to-school night shouldn't be the only time you connect, but it's a great time to introduce yourself and find out the best way to contact her in the future. Then stay in touch with updates on how things are going at home, questions about your child and his work, or to schedule conferences to head off trouble (should you worry about that string of C's?). Most teachers have e-mail at school, which is a great way to check in.
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2. Learning doesn't stop at 3:15.
You can help the teacher do a better job by encouraging your child to show you something he's working on at school, suggests Ron Martucci, who teaches fourth grade in Pelham, New York. It doesn't have to be a big deal: "Ask him to demonstrate how he does long division or to read his book report out loud," says Martucci. "Every time your child gets a chance to show off what he knows, it builds confidence."
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3. Stay involved — even when you don't know the material.
You can provide moral support and be your child's cheerleader no matter how well (or poorly) you did in a certain subject. "Parents tell me they didn't take trigonometry or flunked chemistry, so how can they check the homework?" says Tim Devine, a high school social science teacher in Chicago. "But we don't expect you to be an expert on every subject." Just knowing a parent is paying attention can be very motivating for a student.
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4. Keep your child organized.
That means helping teachers with the paper chase. "I spend way too much time tracking down tests or forms I've sent home for a parent's signature," says Judy Powell, a fifth-grade teacher from Richmond, Virginia. Usually, the missing items are crumpled up in the bottom of the kid's backpack, along with lunch leftovers and other clutter. Powell's solution: Have your child empty his backpack every day as part of a regular after-school routine. Set up a special place, such as a box in the kitchen, where he can put the day's papers, and provide another spot, such as a desk drawer, for old assignments that you want to save. A bright-colored folder is a good idea, too, for toting homework — and signed papers — to and from school. And about those supplies: Keep plenty on hand. "Kids run out of pencils and paper, and it'll be three weeks before they'll remember to tell you," says Powell.
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5. Let your child make mistakes.
Don't forget, he's learning. Teachers don't want perfect students, they want students who try hard. "Sometimes parents get caught up in thinking every assignment has to be done exactly right, and they put too much pressure on their child," says Brian Freeman, a second-grade teacher from Red Spring, North Carolina. "But it's OK for kids to get some problems wrong. It's important for us to see what students don't know, so we can go over the material again."

Is your child struggling with an assignment? Help him brainstorm possible solutions. If he's still stuck, resist the temptation to write a note. Instead, encourage your child to take charge by asking the teacher for help the next day.

Hands off bigger assignments, too, says Marty Kaminsky, a fourth-grade teacher in Ithaca, New York. "I assigned a project on inventors, and several kids brought in amazingly detailed reports with slide-shows. They looked great, but they clearly weren't the work of a nine-year-old," he says. "I was much happier with the posters with the pictures glued on crooked, because I knew those children did the work themselves. What matters isn't the final result; it's letting a child have ownership of the project."
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6. Raise a good reader.

Even if your child isn’t a natural-born bookworm, you can encourage him to love literature. Keep reading together, even if your kid can breeze through a book on his own. Reading aloud can expand his vocabulary, and your chats about the book will help him understand and enjoy more. But you might want to shelve books that seem way over his head. It’s tempting to push literary limits, but the goal is understanding and enjoyment.

Use audiobooks as a tool to inspire love of reading. They aren’t “cheating;” they’re a terrific way to engage kids in a good yarn.  Check out for more with books kids will enjoy.
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7. If the teacher deserves a good grade, give her one.
Teaching isn't easy, and there are days when a kid has a tantrum, or a teacher feels like crying because a parent speaks to her harshly. So why not e-mail or call when your child enjoys a class event or says something nice about the instructor? And if you feel the teacher is doing a good job, let the principal know. Volunteering is another way to demonstrate your enthusiasm and support, even if you only have time to help out once a year. It shows your child — and his teacher — that you really care about his education.
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8. The teacher's on your side — give her the benefit of the doubt.
Rachel James, a third-grade teacher in Reson, Florida, was having a terrible time with one of her students. For days, the boy had been disruptive, rolling his eyes and sighing dramatically whenever anyone spoke to him. Naturally, she had to reprimand him. "His mom called and accused me of picking on her son," says James. "When I told her what was going on, she was shocked." After the mom had calmed down, they worked out some ways to change the boy's behavior. "A lot of parents go into attack mode when their child complains about a teacher," says James. "Or they take the problem to the principal, so the teacher feels blindsided. But parents need to get all the facts before they react."
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9. There is a secret to better grades.
Set up a brief get-together with your child's teacher(s) early in the school year. A one-on-one conversation is the perfect time to bring up important issues, like the fact that your child struggled in math last year or tended to hand in homework late. Also check in with the school district’s or teachers’ website in order to stay on top of your child’s assignments, grades, test dates and scores — and more. Find out what resources there are for you, and use them.  If your child is having a tough time in a particular class, don’t just swoop in and try to make things right. Encourage your child to meet with his teacher to resolve a problem on his own.

If there’s issue between your child and a teacher, don’t automatically run to the principal behind the teacher’s back. Certain situations that involve your child’s safety do merit a meeting with the head of school, but otherwise, going over the teacher’s head signals a lack of respect. When you can’t agree on a solution, set up a meeting with the teacher and a school administrator, who can help work things out.
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Sepak Takraw by Bata

Allloooo Ramblers... kali ni saya nak berkongsi pasal benda di dalam gambr ni pulak. Setelah sekian lama saya mencari, baru sekarang jumpa balik kasut ni. Saya rasa orang-orang lama mungkin familiar dengan kasut ni. Dulu semasa di bangku sekolah iaitu semasa di sekolah menengah, inilah kaasut yang saya pakai ke sekolah. Ditambah lagi kasut ni sangat sesuai untuk bermain sepak takraw. Yang biasa main sepak takraw mungkin dah tahu, kasut ni sangat sesuai untuk melibas yang biasanya dipakai oleh "killer" untuk mematikan bola. Tapi sekarang tak tau la pulak, mungkin mereka dah pakai kasut "rejam" kot...
 Hari tu jalan-jalan di Bintulu, jumpa jer kasut ni terus beli. Walaupun sekarang bukanlah musim main sepak takraw. Tapi saja beli untuk stand by kalau-kalau lepas ni ada main sepak takraw. kalau tak pun simpan jer lah untuk koleksi.
 Teringatlah masa wakil sekolah dulu-dulu... Tapi yang sedihnya, teringat jugak dengan rakan karib, rakan sepasukan saya iaitu mendiang Reagan Hidi yang telah pergi buat selama-lama. (RIP).
Jadi walaupun selepas ini saya tak aktif bermain sepak takraw lagi, kasut ini tetap akan menjadi koleksi simpanan dengan "sentimental value" nya.... "THANK YOU KASUT BATA TAPAK IJO (HIJAU)

Bola Tampar @ Volleyball by Mizuno

Hai Ramblers...
      Weekend minggu yang lepas, saya bersama wifey pergi jalan2 ke Swan City. Saja nak jalan-jalan cari makan and tengok-tengok barang. Ini adalah salah satu barang yang berjaya diperolehi. Kasut sukan Indoor Mizuno, nama modelnya WAVE BLOCKER 7. Oh ya... lupa mau inform bahawa sekarang adalah gelombang angin bertiup kencang musim main bola tampar hehehe... Sebab itulah semangat nak beli kasut ini untuk main bola tampar. Menurut seorang kawan saya, brand Mizuno ni memang famous di kalangan player bola tampar selain brand Asic.

Sejak memakai kasut ini.... fuh!!!! memang berbaloi-baloi... Sangat sesuai untuk permainan gelanggang terutamanya bola tampar ni. Sangat selesa untuk melompat atau landing semasa melakukan rejaman (spike)
Saya pernah menceritakan tentang kecederaan lutut yang saya alami dalam older post. Dengan memakai kasut ini, ia dapatlah membantu saya untuk meloncat lebih tinggi. (walaupun bukanlah melompat tinggi). Sekarang dah bolehlah spike sikit2 serta blocking. Selepas bermain pun lutut tak adalah sakit sangat mcm dulu. Promosi kasut Mizuno pulak ni....

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Holden. Drift monster...
Foc tyre

4x4 with drift tyre

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm a Sarawak Blogger

Salam sejahtera, salam 1 Malaysia buat Ramblers sekalian.....
        Cuba you all tgk baju tu betul2.... tapi mungkin ramai juga yana ada baju ni kan...? Anyway, terima kasih banyak-banyak kepada En.Cyril yang telah bertungkus lumus menguruskan baju ni. Siap post kan lagi untuk saya dan wifey. Semalam dengan bangganya aku pakai baju ni pegi Bintulu. Melangkah dengan penuh keyakinan adehdeh.... padahal orang lain entah-entah tak pandang pun hikhik. Cuma secara psikologinya sahaja yg membuatkan aku konfiden hehehe....Dah pakai baju ni, sekurang-kurangnya memberikan aku semangat dan kekuatan untuk update blog ni hehehe.... Bestlah pake baju tok, fits perfectly. siaplah, lepas tok maok berposing lagik pake baju tok eh. Promo lah katakan....